stuck to unstuck
nudge, flip, pivot


A coaching conversation can help us move from a place of feeling stuck to feeling unstuck. We believe that coaching is one of the most effective ways of enabling people to be their best selves. This transition sometimes requires a gentle Nudge, Flip or then a complete Pivot. Depending on the nature of the problem, challenge or opportunity, Timshel is able to provide the appropriate solution.

The cornerstones that underpin our work is the focus on shifting mindsets and providing our clients with a quality scale solution. PRISM, our technology platform, our network of coaches and our 5-4-3 approach enable the same.


Very often we feel stuck. This could be because we are struggling with a problem, challenge or opportunity. In times like this, what we need is a Nudge Conversation.

Nudge Conversations are focused conversations that help individuals develop clarity on what they need to do to move forward, by resolving what is coming in the way.

The challenge could be that of having a tough conversation with a colleague or getting clarity on how to deal with a current crisis.

Nudge conversations are short and sharp outcome focused coaching sessions. The number of conversations could vary from 1 to 3.


A change of role or the strategic context of an organization requires leaders to adapt and evolve their leadership style. This often involves challenging deep-rooted mindsets and beliefs.

Flip coaching journeys are designed keeping in mind the context of the leader and the organization. The journey enables leaders to deepen their understanding of self and their relationship with others thus strengthening both the depth and width of their own leadership.

The change context could be a role transition, a change in the structure or ownership of the organization or then the need to lead in ambiguity.

Flip journeys are typically 4-6 months long and provide leaders the platform to flex and strengthen their leadership muscle so that they are fit for purpose.


Pivot is a profoundly transformative and highly personal self-leadership journey. It enables leaders to embrace the concept of human leadership which is what is required to build people-centered cultures that deliver sustainable results.

The journey spans a period of 8-12 months in which leaders develop a heightened and nuanced level of self-awareness. They explore aspects such as values, purpose, leadership shadow and mind-traps to develop a more holistic understanding of how they would like to lead and the legacy that they would like to work towards.

Leaders will go through the transformation arc of exploration, awareness, acceptance, experimentation and integration. We recommend that only those who are truly willing to challenge and question themselves at the most fundamental level opt for the Pivot journey.

5 - 4 - 3: The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of our Coaching

Quality and scale have been built into the design of our coaching framework and process. The 5 core elements and 4 mindsets form the ‘what’ of coaching and the coaching fundamentals form the ‘how.’




Core Elements FrameworkTM

Triggers in the form of problems, challenges and opportunities come our way throughout the day. We either react or respond to these triggers depending upon how resourceful we are feeling.

When one or more of the core elements is out of balance it gets us to operate from a victim mindset and generates a feeling of being ‘stuck.’

Our coaching focuses on the 4 key mindsets that help bring balance to the core elements resulting in moving from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck.’

The 3 Coaching Fundamentals

  1. Grounded in your reality
  2. Focused & Insightful
  3. Outcome-Driven