Leadership Consulting

Fostering a “people first” culture starts with leadership. Leadership in its simplest form is manifested by how leaders think, relate and act with the people that they lead. This in turn moulds the design and deployment of people systems within an organization.

At Timshel we are extremely committed to working with our clients to create purposeful organizations that keep people at the center. We do this by helping them use people impact as one of the lenses while making critical decisions.

Our approach to building leadership capability is rooted in deep reflection, in-depth conversations and disruptive experiences. We firmly believe that development initiatives among adults result in long lasting change, when focused on attitude and mindset.

Behaviours Articulation

Using a top down and bottoms up approach for articulation of desired leadership behaviours.

Development Journey

Shifting mindsets by overcoming unconscious biases and changing belief systems.


Using context specific customised tools to assess leaders on desired behaviours.

High-potential management and Succession Planning

Identification and managing high potential employees as well as creating succession plans for key roles in the organization.