mindsets to

Timshel is a learning, development and coaching firm that partners with individuals and organizations to shift mindsets and transform the way people see, experience and respond to the world around them.

Timshel, in an ancient language means ‘power of choice.’

The choice to grow, evolve and achieve, i.e., move from where you are to where you want to be.

Our endeavor is to help our clients and their people to exercise their personal and organizational power and move to a place of resilience and resourcefulness.

Our Why

Changing how people see, experience and respond to the world around them by shifting mindsets.

Our How

Helping people be the best version of themselves.

Our What

Nudging mindsets to liberate and enable.

The underlying values that guide us in the work that we do.

Growth with Balance

Insight without Judgement

Honesty with Kindness

What differentiates us

We believe that simplicity is the highest form of intelligence and we have used this thinking to shape and guide our frameworks and solutions.

Our deep experience of having worked with hundreds of leaders and our research on what leads to transformation has brought forth simple and profound insights on what enables and accelerates adaptive human change. Our Core ElementsTM framework was born out of this thinking and underpins the work that we do.

Our intent of discovering how growth and learning can be democratised keeps us curious, agile and on many occasions makes us unconventional in our approach.

The belief that a sense of partnership is required to drive outcomes and intentions makes us both humble and strong in how we engage externally and internally with others.