co-creating purposeful
and aligned

Organization Transformation
and HR Advisory

We seamlessly support the critical stages of business transformation for client organizations by focusing on shifting employee mindsets. The transformation journey may be initiated because of a change in the organization’s vision, strategy, organization structure, top leadership etc.

We work closely with clients to understand their context and the challenges they are facing in this journey.

Timshel helps design and develop customized interventions, practices and processes which are best suited to the client’s context with an overall objective to enhance their overall performance during change.

Organization Transformation

Co-create Purpose,
Mission & Values

Organization Structure

Roles and Responsibilities

HR Policies

Driving High Performance

Performance Management Philosophy & Design

Performance Metrics

Manager Capability Training

Talent Review Forums

Engagement & Wellbeing

Organization Wide
Action Planning

Manager Sensitization
and Training

Engagement & Wellbeing

Wellbeing Interventions

HR Advisory

In the post Covid world, we are helping clients navigate the challenges of managing their employees. Our advisory support centers around the five areas mentioned below:

Performance Management

Engagement, Wellbeing & Productivity

Compensation & Benefits

Work from Home Training

Policies and Practices on Physical Safety at Work